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In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body – or your money back

Joseph Pilates

Joe Pilates required all his new students to begin with three private lessons per week for 10 weeks. He guaranteed results. We also promise to deliver results when you do 30 private lessons in 10 weeks – or your money back.

Depending on your schedule and budget, there are many package options for you to choose from to experience the benefits that Authentic Pilates can bring to your life.


Group Class Drop in:                            $40.00

Group Class 10 Pack:                           $360.00

Private Lesson Drop in:                      $110.00

Private Lesson 10 Pack:                     $1000.00

Group Class Memberships

                                                               3 months/per class       12 months/per class

4 Group Classes per month:          $139.00/$34.75             $129.00/$32.25

8 Group Classes per month:          $239.00/$29.88             $219.00/$27.38

12 Group Classes per month:       $319.00/$26.56             $299.00/$24.92

1 Private per month:                                                                      $95.00/95.00

2 Private per month:                                                                      $183.00/$91.50

Package Pricing

Group Classes

Package of 10 – $360.00
Drop in – $40.00

Monthly Memberships

Monthly memberships allow you to take a variety of group classes and private lessons without having to purchase a large package at one time. We recommend these as they are the best way to make changes in your body whilst having a very flexible schedule. Discounts are given based on how many months you wish to sign up for (6 or 12 month).

1 Visit Per week

Total of 1 Private Lesson, 3 Group classes
  • 04 GROUP CLASSES PER MONTH - $139.00
  • 08 GROUP CLASSES PER MONTH - $239.00
  • 12 GROUP CLASSES PER MONTH - $319.00

2 Visit Per week

Total of 1 Private Lesson, 7 Group classes
  • 04 GROUP CLASSES PER MONTH - $129.00
  • 0 8 group classes per month - $219.00
  • 12 group classes per month - $299.00

Private Lesson Memberships

                                                       3 moths/per session       12 months/per session

4 Private per month:                  $396.00/$99.00                $352.00/$88.00

8 Private per month:                  $749.00/$93.63                $659.00/$82.38

Private/Duet Lessons

                                                                                  12 month/per session

1 Private per month:                                           $95.00/95.00

2 Private per month:                                           $183.00/$91.50

As we are a small business and aim to keep our costs down, we prefer if you pay with cash, cheque, or e-transfer. E-transfers can be sent to