Joan Allaby

Junior Teacher

Joan began her Pilates journey over ten years ago when she was suffering sciatic pain from a bulging disc. She was in her mid-forties, working full time, with children in school, and she couldn’t believe she might be limited by pain the rest of her life.

She’d been advised the best thing she could do was to strengthen her core. So when she saw an advertisement for private classes at Precision Pilates, she called our studio. She’s been practising Pilates ever since.

Joan enjoys classical Pilates because it engages her mind as well as her body, requiring focus and control. Joan is now a Junior Teacher at Precision Pilates, having completed the Authentic Pilates Canada Comprehensive Teacher Training Program in June 2021.

When not at the studio, Joan likes to spend time in her garden, digging new beds and moving plants around. She’d love to buy a few acres of land, so she could really indulge her gardening obsession. It’s a good thing Pilates is great for gardeners!