Precision Pilates Studio

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Cara Hazelton Interview with Clare Dunphy Hemani


Meet Cara Hazelton… owner of Precision Pilates in Fredericton, Canada. She is a Pilates Avatar Studio and Ambassador.

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Why Physiotherapists Recommend Precision Pilates.


Cara talks to Physiotherapist Oli Surgenor about why he recommends Pilates.

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How Pilates Helps Alleviate Chronic Pain.


Cara talks about how Pilates helps alleviate chronic pain.
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7 Snow Shovelling Tips To Help Prevent Injuries!


Snow season has arrived! Be sure to keep safe, and shovel the snow properly to stay away from injuries. Here are some tips to help you do so!
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Workplace Exercises - Precision Pilates


Sitting for hours a day can do some damage to your muscles and joints. Here are a couple exercises that you can do daily, at your work place to help keep the body moving correctly!
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Precision Pilates Testimonial - Will Thompson


Here’s a testimonial from hockey player Will Thompson, a very satisfied client from Precision Pilates!